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7th March 2021

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Written By Ling Li

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Web Development

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Tech in 2021

At Techarge our ethos is to design, build and deliver quickly. This allows us to show to our clients at an early stage what and how their potential system will look like. Our team employs a range of the state of the art tools, that will help us to be ever more productive and deliver successful projects.

UX/UI design

For prototyping and mocking up, we design our wireframes using Figma. This tool allows our designs to be shared realtime between our clients, designs and tech team. It allows comments to be made and even simple interactive slide-shows of how a product might look can be quickly put together. Figma has a great range of tools which allows the design to be converted quickly into html/css code so we can ensure that the styles, fonts and colours remain consistent between design and build time.

Build time

When it comes to putting together the actual code, we like to keep things simple. We have a penchant for using Svelte in the front-end. Whilst the rest of the industry are all talking React, we feel the Svelte code is much lighter which is compiled into a small and faster size.

Deploy and testing

For deployment, we are firm believers in CI/CD, that’s Continuous Integration/Development. What this means is that we configure multiple environments on a per project basis. Each environment can contain it’s own version of code, so as new features are ready, they can be shipped out and ready for our testers/clients to validate and review.

Nowadays, using a source code control system is pretty much a must. We’re heavy users of github and in particular github-actions allows the auto triggering of jobs as soon as fresh code has been commited into a responsitory. These jobs can include running automated tests and deploying the code into designated environments. It’s a one-time investiment to configure a CI/CD pipeline, but once it’s done, it’s a fantastic time-saver and frees up our developers to build more features faster or allows bugs/issues to be picked up sooner, reducing the risk of any nasty surprises.