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Techarge is a software consultancy firm that provides effective solutions to your IT problems. We provide solutions from building customised e-commerce/erp solutions through to bespoke digital in-house platforms.


Techarge provides digital IT consultancy, software solutions. Our team of analysts and developers will help to understand your IT issues in order to provide the most efficient solution to your IT issues.

Our core programming language of choice is python, which allows us to build rapid prototypes and solutions. Python is one of todays leading programmings languages for building web applications and for data analysis We follow all current software development practises, such as agile and devops. We are not however limited to just this development language, but we can work with Java/Javascript/.Net and much more.

We provide interactive digital mockups of your Web/Mobile platform. This allows us to determine how the end product might look like, prior to starting costly developmet work. Our approach is to fully understand every client’s individual needs to provide you with a soultion that is right for your organisation.

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IT Consulting

If you need a second opinion on any of your current IT issues then we can provide an independent review of your current system architecture


If you are looking for an e-commerce setup, then we can configure and provide a customised deployment of odoo. Odoo is one of the leading industry

Big Data Analysis

Have data in your current system, but not sure how best to use it? We can help you to distill insights from your data and configure systems to provide automated reporting on a scheduled basis. Contact us to discuss your requirements.



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