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With over 25 years experience delivering technology solutions in financial services, healthcare and clean energy, our team specialises in delivering new software and web applications.

Our clients come to us when they have a critical problem technology can solve, but aren't sure of how to validate and build the best solution. We help VC-backed start-ups and enterprise companies define and develop new software platforms and applications, bringing clarity to complicated requirements and delivering tangible results. We love taking on interesting, distributed solutions to scale up challenges and help our clients tackle problems with innovative thinking, resulting in smart and iterative solutions.

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Unlock senior technology expertise, whenever you need it

New platforms and applications may be the outcome, but developing a deep understanding of the problem is where we start. We treat every project as a collaborative effort and pride ourselves on our communication,empathy and listening skills.

Our experts will act as on-demand CTOs, offering a holistic review of your existing technology infrastructure. We will also work closely with your teams to select the right solutions and develop a clear technology roadmap that supports your core business goals.

Turn complexity into clear solutions

We start at the beginning and deeply engage with our clients to fully understand the problem. We look for the root cause, not the symptoms. This enables us to think innovatively about potential solutions and come up with robust technology implementations that actually deliver value.

Work with digital problem solvers

Success to us isn't just about clean code. We know the best outcomes are arrived at when developers and technologists fully understand the human drivers behind new software products and applications. Empathy is our core operating principle and quality we are proud of in all of our team members.

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Our team

Photograph of Ling Li in Black and White


Ling is the Founder of Techarge, with over 25 years of experience in building software and delivering projects. Handling and contributing to projects throughout, with a track record for delivery and communication.

Photograph of Nina hundt in Black and White


Nina is our UI/UX lead, responsible for all UX/UI designs for all our projects. With over 20 years of experience in the graphic and UI design world, your prototype design will be created in Figma in no time at all.

Photograph of Zoe Utting in Black and White


Zoe is our Front-end Developer, responsible for converting Nina's fantastic Figma creations into HTML and CSS pages. Each page is made pixel perfect whilst being responsive on all devices from mobiles to desktops.

Photograph of Hamed Pour in Black and White


Hamed is our Javascript wizard, responsible for making Zoe's HTML & CSS pages come to life. Each script makes the website magical for user interaction whilst adding extra style, functionality and usability.

Photograph of Dominic Langsdale in Black and White


Dominic is our back-end Developer, running the behind the scenes of all our projects. Adding functionality whilst Deploying and scaling our projects to handle thousands of users concurrently.