Published 7th September 2021

Emsx Logo with Mobile Version of the site
EMSX is a Workflow systems enabling universities and Vet practices to coordinate Vet Students with work experience placements. The site was built and launched in less than 6 months from initial design through to implementation, testing and deployment.

Built with

wagtail Logo in grayscale SVG
django Logo in grayscale SVG
svelte Logo in grayscale SVG
tailwind Logo in grayscale SVG

Functionality and Features

  • Account creation for Different user roles Students, Vet Practices and Universities
  • User dashboards for Universities, Students and Universities.
  • Ability to search the whole of the UK Vet practises with extra sorting and filtering functionality
  • Students can directly contact the practices for placements
  • Students can Track Placements throughout the process
  • Placements can contact Students about placement availability
  • Universities can track Students and their Placement status
  • Blog with customised templates for posts
  • Fully responsive on all devices from mobiles to desktops

EMSX Site on Desktop and Mobile Figure 1 Map functionality on Desktop and Mobile screens


Wagtail and Django Both help The admin team to customise the content on their pages as well as the ability to make new Pages. Through these technologies they can also manage users on their site and they can update information.
Svelte in the frontend to provide the map functionality.
Tailwind to make styling easier on the front end development EMSX Site on Iphone X Mobile Figure 2 Mobile screens display some of the main Pages of the EMSX site including Login, Student dashboard, Blog Page, Student Signup Page